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recall Rocky

Recall Rocky (Frame Replacement Notice)


What’s Going On?


CAMP has conducted a voluntary recall of a specific batch of Rocky model frames manufactured between 2016 and March 2017. There have been isolated reports that the weld between the Main Tube and the folding Joint may crack on affected frames, posing a fall hazard to the consumer. CAMP’s first priority is the safety and satisfaction of its riders and, in an abundance of caution, has voluntarily decided to replace the frame on these bikes made during this period. The replacement program does not include any other models or styles of CAMP brand bicycles. The purpose of this is to help determine if your CAMP Rocky bicycle is among those affected by this recall and to help you smoothly get a replacement for your affected frame.


Models Affected

Affected bike models are ROCKY model produced between 2016 and March 2017. If you own one of this models, you MUST check to see if your bike is affected by the easy process outlined below.

Check Your Frame Number

Please first check your Frame Number, which is stamped underneath the bottom bracket. If your Frame Number starts with KS1616 or KS1630 or KS1635 or KS1669 or KS1735, for the recall, your bike may be affected and you should proceed with the steps listed below.

If your Frame Number is not within this range, then your bike is not affected by this recall. However, if your Frame Number is within the above range, please stop riding your bicycle and follow these instructions.

If you purchased this model (Rocky) bicycle in the U.S. or Canada or another country, please stop riding your bicycle and email INFO@CAMPBIKEUSA.COM for more information.

In order to get a more fast response, Please write down your subject: “Recall Rocky + your order number”, in your email, please send us your purchase prove, your bike series number photos and your new receiving address.