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Camp Thunderbolt is our pride and joy and our top selling folding bike. The frame is a 20" Dolphin Type Alloy making it the best of its class. We designed Camp Thunderbolt for leisure, touring, commuting and just having fun. With 16-Speed, you have enough gears for all types of terrain and mechanical disc brakes offering needed stopping power in all weather conditions.

MKS FD-7 Folding Pedals 9/16" Black


Pedals made for folding bikes. High quality strong solid pedals that don't slip even on wet conditions. MKS FD-7 is easier to fold flat against the cranks saving needed space in tight storage areas. The few inches that these folding pedal shave off is worth every penny when space is a premium. Walking any bike is easier and helps avoid hitting your shin when using foldable pedals.

Light Alloy Body
Dual Side Platform
Integrated Reflectors
Sold in Pairs
Comes with Allen Wrench and Instructions
Color: Black
Weight: 484 Grams/Pair
Made in Japan